Fragrance Guide

Fall & Winter Fragrances:

Autumn Son - Crisp green apples, butter crust, cinnamon & a bit of vanilla

Cinna-Rum-Pum - Ground cinnamon, Vermont apple, pumpkin, carrot, French vanilla & rum

Day at the Beach - Our Signature Fragrance!  Lavender, lemongrass, fresh fruit & vanilla

Grandma's Little Men - Spicey gingerbread with a sweet vanilla nod

Grandpa Jack's Recipe - Banana, walnuts & spices mixed with a sugary vanilla

Lala Land - Relaxing lavender & vanilla

Toasted - Sitting by the fire with a hot buttered rum... Oh yeah!

Twilight 'Til Dawn - Tangelo, eucalyptus, moss, patchouli, amber, mush & mandarin

For the Holidays:

Happy Holly Daz - Orange, lemon, bay, spruce, pine, cloves, amber & eucalyptus

Oh, Christmas Tree - Scotch pine, lime, cardamom & pepper

The Gifts - Frankincense and Muir with a touch of vanilla

'Tis the Season - Apples, oak, balsam, fir, pine cloves & cinnammon

8 oz - $10
12 oz - $14

Old Woman in the Woods Collection:

A Walk in the Pines

Cloves in the Bay

Fresh From the Oven

Saturday Night Soak

16 oz - $20

Wine Collection:

Champagne Chic

Chillin with Char

Maa-velous Merlot

Sassy Sauvignon

8 oz - $10

Drunkin Mosquito:

Quart Jar & Quart Can - $22

Gallon Can - $50

Just Breathe:

Eucalyptus, camphor, menthol, and peppermint

16 oz - $22


Mosquito Spray - $8

Just Breath Spray - $8