Do you have Asthma, allergies, sinus problems or a terrible winter cold? 

This exclusive is a must! 

Environmentally friendly and a renewable resource, our 100% soy burns slower, cooler and cleaner than the average paraffin or blended wax.  Using pure soy wax, our candles are jarred because of their softness, which results in a candle that burns much longer and has a fabulous "scent throw" (pure soy grabs fragrance better than any other wax mixture).   Each of our hand-poured candles is a unique creation all it's own.  Heavens Gate Soy Candles' soy wax, all cotton wicks, high quality fragrance oils (consisting of the very best essential oils), and all of our containers are made by companies here in the USA. 

Don't start your Summer Party without our

exclusive "Drunk'n Mosquito." 

This unique "fogging" candle is our best seller!